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Elevate Your Fitness and Confidence with Hook Grappling 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art and combat sport that focuses on ground fighting and submission holds. It originated in Brazil and was developed from Japanese Jiu-Jitsu by the Gracie family. BJJ emphasizes technique and leverage rather than relying on strength and size, making it suitable for people of all ages and body types.

In BJJ, practitioners aim to take their opponent to the ground and use various techniques such as joint locks and chokeholds to force them to submit. The art emphasizes positional dominance and control, with practitioners learning how to escape from disadvantageous positions and gain advantageous ones.

BJJ is widely practiced as a self-defense system, as well as a competitive sport. It has gained popularity worldwide and is often incorporated into mixed martial arts (MMA) training. BJJ practitioners typically wear a gi (a traditional uniform) during training and competitions, but there is also a no-gi variant that allows for more wrestling-style techniques.

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Join a Community of Passionate BJJ Practitioners

Looking for an activity that will push your limits, build resilience, and awaken your inner warrior? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is the answer! Here's why BJJ is something you should absolutely do:

1️⃣ Mental Toughness: BJJ teaches you to embrace discomfort and face challenges head-on. It pushes you to your limits, both physically and mentally, and helps you develop mental toughness that extends far beyond the mats. You'll learn to stay calm under pressure, overcome obstacles, and never give up.

2️⃣ Problem-Solving Skills: BJJ is like a physical chess match, where you constantly strategize and adapt to your opponent's moves. This problem-solving aspect of BJJ enhances your critical thinking skills, allowing you to analyze situations and find creative solutions – a valuable skillset applicable to all areas of life.

3️⃣ Humility and Respect: BJJ instills a deep sense of humility and respect. Through training, you'll learn to appreciate the skills and knowledge of others, regardless of their rank or experience. This humility extends beyond the mats, fostering a respectful and inclusive mindset in your interactions with others.

4️⃣ Discipline and Focus: BJJ requires discipline and focus to master its intricate techniques. By committing to regular training, you'll develop discipline, time management skills, and the ability to stay focused on your goals. These qualities will positively impact all aspects of your life, from work to personal relationships.

5️⃣ Overcoming Fear: BJJ teaches you to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone. Whether it's trying a new technique or competing in tournaments, you'll learn to embrace challenges and grow from them. This newfound courage will empower you to tackle any obstacle that comes your way.

6️⃣ Body Awareness and Control: BJJ enhances your body awareness, teaching you to move with precision and control. You'll develop a deeper understanding of your body's capabilities, improving coordination, balance, and overall physical fitness. Gain control over your body and unlock its full potential.

7️⃣ Fun and Camaraderie: BJJ is not just a martial art; it's a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the sport. Training together creates a unique bond, filled with laughter, support, and camaraderie. Join our BJJ family and experience the joy of training alongside incredible teammates.

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Head coach Jack Brickley received his black belt in March 2023 from Yuki Nakai. Jack has a ton of experience having started Jiu Jitsu in 2010 and began coaching in 2018. A passionate coach , Jack has always looked to find the best ways for his students to get the most out of their training. Hook Grappling have recently adopted the Constraints led approach to grappling, meaning Jacks students get to play the game of Jiu Jitsu for the whole class and really develop skills in a forever changing environment that is Jiu Jitsu.

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Something For Everyone

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Challenge Yourself

For all levels from complete beginner to the advanced Jiu Jitsu player, come and learn the foundations needed to become a well versed BJJ practitioner



Stand Up For Yourself

For all levels from beginner to the advanced. Come and learn BJJ without the traditional Gi. 



Join Us

Tuesday Gi - 7pm-8.30pmWednesday No Gi - 7pm-8.30pmFriday No Gi - 7pm-8.30pmSaturday No Gi - 8am-9am

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Currently as a new school we can only offer adult only classes. 18 years plus. I am looking to add more days and classes in the near future so watch this space! Our classes will be Gi and No Gi where there is something for everyone. Beginner friendly and we cater for the more advanced players. Any questions please head over to my Facebook or Instagram page and I’ll be happy to answer you. Hope to see you on the mats soon. Oss!



Monthly membership - £60

We offer 10% discount to serving military and veterans, NHS, Police and Fire services.

An annual payment of £25 will be required for your insurance. 

Jujitsu Posture


  • Respect yourself, training partners, and instructors.

  •   Leave your ego at the door

  •   No food or drink on the mat

  •   Slap hands and bump fists before sparring, shake hands after sparring 

  •   Practice good hygiene! Cut your finger and toe nails and keep them clean! Wash your gear, Brush teeth, wear deodorant, just be clean for your training partners!

  • DO NOT TRAIN if you are sick or have any open cuts/wounds, rashes

  •   NO SHOES on the mat

  • MUST wear shoes off the mat

  •   MUST wear shoes in bathrooms

  • No jewellery 

  •   No equipment/gear left in academy

  • If you are going to be late or need to leave early just let your instructor know

  •   Yield to higher ranks while rolling (if you’re getting close to higher ranks while sparring, stop and move) 

  •   Tap early, tap often! Learning is the goal, injury is the enemy!

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Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Victoria Halls, West Green Road, Hartley Wintney, RG27 8RQ


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